Children as Beneficiaries?

Generally speaking, it’s a bad idea to name minor children as beneficiaries of things like life insurance policies, retirement accounts, etc. While it’s natural to want to leave things to your children if you should die, if they are minors, listing them as... read more

I’ve Got to Wonder…

I called Friday to remove the (hugely expensive) wide-angle camera lens we rented (for our trip) from our homeowner’s insurance, since we had returned the lens safely. (We sure didn’t put that in our luggage!) The fellow removed it for me, and then began... read more

Cars on the Brain

My cousin has cars on the brain. He’s 14, and talks about driving, the kind of car he wants, whether he’ll be able to get his license when he turns 16, whether he’ll be able to learn on my car, etc. I don’t have good answers for him either,... read more

How to Start an Emergency Fund

Who wouldn’t love to have money just sitting around, waiting to be used in case of an emergency? Who wouldn’t feel better about having money when you need it, instead of going without or using a credit card during the lean times? Most everyone will agree... read more

The Cycle of More

Have you ever noticed that the more you have, the more you want? And the less satisfying what you do get seems? I’ve noticed this especially with eating out: the more I eat out, the more I want to eat out. It would be easier for me not to eat out at all than for... read more

2016 Opportunities!

The market has seen many positive stories over the past week and a half thanks to a rate rise from the US Federal Reserve, but there is one story that seems to keep stealing the headlines and that is the ever-declining price of Oil. After yet another ‘dead cat bounce’... read more

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