How Low Can You Go?

Sometimes it’s good to create a bare-bones budget. It’s nice to know what the very least amount you could live on would be while still maintaining your current housing. You can use this amount to figure up how many months you could go if you lost your job... read more

Entering the Buy to Let Industry

Buy to lets can potentially offer a great return on investment. As confidence continues to grow within the mortgage market, mortgage rates as well as deposit required for buy to let purchases drops as mortgage lenders increase the loan to value they’re prepared lend... read more

How to Make Money (for Kids) Fast and Easy

Hmmm… how to make money as a kid… I spent a lot of time thinking about how to make money as a kid. Now you don’t have to. In this post, I’m going to share tricks for how to make money (for kids). I think of myself as an authority on this... read more

Used Cars under 2000 Dollars: What to Buy

Finding used cars under 2000 dollars…. it’s easy! Let’s do this! What you want in a $2,000 car There’s a saying in the automotive world… “A car can be fast, cheap, or reliable – pick 2.” Since we’re talking about... read more

Farm Loan Calculator (No Fuss – Easy to Use!)

Finally! Easy to use farm loan calculators! The variety of calculators I’ve listed below should cover the needs of your farm and/or ranch operation. My family farms and these calculators do everything we need. A big bonus to using these is they enable us to get... read more

Sell My Car Fast: An Easy Step-by-Step How To

“How can I sell my car fast?” So you want to know how to sell your car fast. I know the feeling. I once had to sell my car fast and here’s what I learned. In about 3 minutes (the time it will take you to read this article) you’ll know how... read more

Overwhelmed by choice

While choice is good, sometimes I think we have too many choices. Take the grocery store for example. Here in the southwest, normal grocery stores carry literally thousands of different items. And for each type of item, there’s usually a multitude of... read more


I’ve been looking into starting a garden for several reasons: I live in an area where we just don’t get really fresh fruits or vegetables very often, unless you buy from the farmers themselves. However, most of the farmers are 20-30 miles from our house,... read more

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