What’s the Sales Tax on Cars in New York?

How much is the sales tax on cars in New York?   The Empire State tops the states of the USA when it comes to levying income and property tax. With respect to sales tax, the picture is relatively better as NYS imposes 4% sales tax, which is below national average... read more

The Most Popular Form of Trading?

Online binary options trading is one of the most popular forms of trading today. Binary options allow investors to trade in an all-or-nothing platform. This means that successful trading will result in a predetermined amount, but unsuccessful trading will result in... read more

Investing in Online Gambling

When people think of investing, it’s rare it’s linked with casinos as it involves risks while the former requires knowledge and calculated strategies to survive the market. But, both can be placed in a single sentence. Online casinos can be, in fact, a great investing... read more

My Media Fast

One of the things recommended by The 4-Hour Workweek (affiliate link) is a media fast. The author lays out “the rules”, which are essentially no web surfing, no news or newspapers, no magazines, no audiobooks, no TV, and no reading. There are a couple of... read more

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