Is Working Overtime Worth It?

According to the Los Angels Times, on average, an American employee works one extra day every week. After the fearful experience of recession, employees are desperate to prove their commitment to work and to find a place in boss’s favorite list. Many cite the ground... read more

How to Be Able to Retire at 55

Retiring early is a lucrative option unless you are in love with your profession. I believe, 55 is a good age to take retirement from work and enjoy time with family and friends. But make sure, you are financially strong enough to enjoy your retired life to the... read more

How to Work Through Dry Spells as a Freelancer

Freelancing is a really demanding career. Getting the first project, communicating with clients, scheduling work, keeping track of deadlines, invoices, feedback and so on. You don’t realize when you transform from a novice to a pro freelancer.   But then you face... read more

What’s the Sales Tax on Cars in New York?

How much is the sales tax on cars in New York?   The Empire State tops the states of the USA when it comes to levying income and property tax. With respect to sales tax, the picture is relatively better as NYS imposes 4% sales tax, which is below national average... read more

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