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10% of the Way There

10% of the Way There

This month’s mortgage payment made me happy, because it meant that we’re now more than 10% of the way there toward paying off our mortgage. It’s been slow going (because we’ve basically had other priorities) but it’s still nice to see visible progress. 10% feels like a milestone to me.

Of course, I want to have the whole thing paid off two years from now, so we have to really kick it into high gear if we want to make that goal. I keep reminding myself that the first step is to believe we can do it — the how will come.

Time for links now:

Love this post from The Oblivious Investor on math vs. psychology.

Small Budget, Big Style has a “if you can’t remix it, don’t buy it” rule when it comes to clothing.

The Frugal Duchess tells how to find cheap food at airports. (I have to add that no matter what you buy, be sure to ask the price first. I learned that lesson after a $4 bag of M&Ms.)

Sound Money Matters comes up with seven cheap ways to celebrate Labor Day. (All the things I’d like to be doing this weekend are cheap: swimming, sleeping, and lazing around watching DVDs, but in reality I’ll probably be working for at least part of it.)

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