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10 Things You Can Do for Under a Dollar

10 Things You Can Do for Under a Dollar

Get back to your childhood roots with some of these summertime suggestions.

1. Buy a packet of balloons and have a water balloon fight.
2. Have a 3-legged race.
3. Star gaze.
4. Have cloud contests (stare up at the clouds and compete to see who can make up the best stories about what you see in the clouds).
5. Fly a kite (at the beach, in a park)
6. Walk the dog, or take a walk with a friend.
7. Go swimming. Admission to most neighborhood pools is under a dollar, or there may be a nearby lake to swim in for free.
8. Play cards.
9. Plant some seeds. You can buy a packet of seeds for under a dollar. Planting them is an enjoyable way to connect with the earth and visualize growth.
10. Read a book aloud together or start a local book club.

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