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11 Important yet Easy Saving Hacks for Young Adults

11 Important yet Easy Saving Hacks for Young Adults

There is no worse feeling in the world than when you need to buy something and you just do not have enough money for it because you have already spent it on a shopping spree last week. This is the life of a typical, financially unwise, young adult—careless and unmindful of the future. If you have stumbled upon this post after deciding to be more financially aware, then good for you. Today we will provide you with a few ways you can easily save money as a young adult. From avoiding pricey hotel rooms to investing in stocks with brokers by regulation, we have got you covered.  This post paves the way to a financially independent and debt-free future.

Get Rid of the Cable

Don’t think about it—just call your cable company and cut it off immediately. You can save a lot of money by switching to online streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. There is a high possibility that your favorite TV show is being shown on these sites. You can watch previous seasons, too, to your heart’s content. In a world where almost everything is digital, it is only smart to switch.

Call for a Potluck

You cannot imagine how much an average person spends in restaurants every year. With all additional costs like tips, parking fees, and taxes, you and your friends will be better off arranging a potluck rather than meeting up in a fancy restaurant. You can tell your friends to prepare their favorite dishes and meet up at your place. Not only are you able to save more money, you can also have a more intimate and personalized event this way.

Travelling? Forget Hotels

Hotels, no matter where they are located, are expensive in nature. If you wish to save money, take advantage of lodging rental services like Airbnb. You can search for rooms that fit your needs. Some rooms have kitchens, too. You may cook to save more money. If you are going out of town, or wish to earn extra, you can even rent out your room. See? Saving money is not that hard!

Earn More by Trading Online

More and more people have been realizing binary options trading as a potential way to earn more money online. Trading with digital options does not require any formal education or special certifications; and everything is done online. It is convenient and recommended for people who have extra time in their hands but still want to earn. If you wish to know more about it, this site gives important advice for beginners out there.

Be a Smart Buyer—Compare

There are over fifty different brands of shampoos out there in the supermarket. While many are highly advertised so you are more inclined to buy their product, it is important that you shop around and check for other brands’ prices. Saving a dollar will make a difference in the long run. Be sure to always compare prices before heading to the checkout area.

Piggybanks Are Always In

There is no harm keeping your cute piggybanks at home. Keeping your loose change in piggybanks or jars will amount to something by the end of the month. You may deposit these coins in your savings account and do it regularly.

Ask Your Credit Card Provider for a Lower Rate

Knowing that you have every right to transfer your balance to a different company is enough to bargain your current provider to lower their interest rates. Call them up and ask for a supervisor so you can negotiate your current rate. You do not have to stop there. There is no harm in asking them to waive the annual credit card membership fee.

Live Healthy and Drink Water

Say goodbye to the unhealthy habit of drinking sodas and expensive teas. If you cannot help but dine in a restaurant, drinking water will help you save money while not exposing you to future health problems. Water may not taste anything like Coke but it is also free and healthy.

Keep Your Emotions in Check

We all feel stressed sometimes because of so many reasons. Whether it is about work or our relationships, be sure to always control your emotions so you do not end up binge eating or stress spending. It feels good after, but it gets ugly when you realize you spent the last of your money on a pair of shoes that you do not actually need. It is best if you can just take a nap or read a book if you are feeling a bit stressed. There are other ways to destress that don’t cost you a fortune.

Take the Train or Bus

Your own car gives you comfort, security, and privacy you cannot get by taking public transportation. But learning to appreciate trains and buses will help you save a big portion of your paycheck. Having a car entails many fees like insurance, gas, maintenance, and repair. Wake up earlier than usual and start taking the bus to work. This way it gives you extra time so you do not arrive late. Be sure to listen to your favorite songs to make the ride more enjoyable.

Stay Away from High-Rollers

Once in a while, you could not help but compare your current life to the life of other friends. This is normal, but sometimes, it is also dangerous. If you looked way too deep and envied enough, you will soon find yourself buying stuff you do not need only because you want to keep up with them and be like them. Keep your eyes on the prize and start focusing on what is important. Take things slow and know that soon you will be financially comfortable.

These are just some of the easiest but proven ways to cut your spending and actually save money. Remember that every person has their own way to save, but knowing what works for you is already half the battle. If you think we missed something, feel free to leave a comment below the comments section. We’d love to hear from you.

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  • These are some great tips – I especially like the last tip about staying away from high rollers. There is not sure fire way to blow through a bunch of cash faster than partying with high rollers!

  • Really good tips here. It’s so important to keep healthy not just for the body, but the mind as well. Also, that will save you a ton of money on healthcare.

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