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3 Simple Tips for Saving Money on Gas

3 Simple Tips for Saving Money on Gas

For much of the last year, gas prices have been consistently on the rise around the country, with many cities seeing some of the highest-ever recorded gas prices in our nation’s history. In 2022, the average gas price in the United States was over $5. Whether you drive a large SUV or a tiny motorcycle from Get Lowered Cycles, filling up any size tank is expensive these days. If you’re becoming overwhelmed with the increasingly higher gas prices seen around the country, don’t panic – here are a few simple tips and tricks you can use to save a few dollars at the pump.

1. Pay With Cash
A little-known secret at major gas stations across the country is that the lowest advertised price per gallon is actually only applicable when gas is paid for with cash. This is most often due to the fees associated with debit and credit card usage, making it easier for merchants if customers make purchases exclusively with cash. Many stations don’t even note this offer, leaving consumers to spend more money than anticipated without even realizing it. On average, paying for gas with cash only can save up to 10 cents per gallon. This might not seem like a lot, but the savings will add up quickly, especially when filling up an entire tank.
2. Utilize Rewards Programs
Most gas stations across the country (especially major gas station chains) have some type of rewards program in place, incentivizing customer loyalty with automatic discounts and special rewards for certain amounts of money spent at the station. Often, joining a loyalty program will give you an automatic discount at the pump (about 5 to 10 cents on average), and offer savings or discounts once you’ve reached a certain amount of money spent or have filled your tank a certain number of times. This is one of the best ways to save money on gas without doing any work!
3. Use A Helpful App
Although gas prices are high at most stations across the country, some gas stations offer bigger savings than others, making it useful to know which stations in town offer the cheapest gas. Apps like Gas Buddy and Upside can help you find the cheapest gas station in your area, so you can always ensure you’re getting the best deal at the pump.

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