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3 Simple Ways to Save Money on Flights

3 Simple Ways to Save Money on Flights

For many people looking to travel, the cost of transportation including flights is one of the biggest factors in a trip being too expensive. While it makes sense that not everyone has the means to fly on a private charter from Access Global, these days, even previously budget-friendly airlines’ prices have increased, making flying more unattainable for the average traveler. Whether you’re taking a trip overseas or flying across the country for a short business trip, here are 3 simple tips for saving money on flights.

1. Be Flexible
Flight costs can vary on different dates and times. While many travelers plan their trips and then look for flights that will make sense within the time frames allotted in their itinerary, doing the opposite could lead to big savings. When beginning to plan a trip, look at flights first, and plan your trip around the flights that are the cheapest. Many airlines make it easy for you to do so, with a “flexible dates” option on their websites.
2. Use a Travel Agent
If you are planning a vacation and looking to save as much money as possible on the cost of travel, it might be beneficial to hire the help of a travel agent. While this might seem counterproductive as you will end up paying for the agent’s help with whatever money you save on flights, many travel agents’ services are actually free if you end up booking a trip with their services. Travel agents also have access to flight and other travel information that is not available to the public, and utilizing a travel agent’s services can take all of the hassles out of booking a flight for yourself and your traveling party while saving money at the same time. Find a travel agent in your area, and your future self will thank you for simplifying the traveling process!
3. Use a Helpful App
If you are against using travel agents and want to book flights and other travel-related services on your own, there are numerous apps and services available to help. Skyscanner, WanderU, and Momondo are just three of the countless apps and websites available to help consumers find the cheapest flights to and from any destination nearly instantaneously. Plus, booking flights directly through these apps can often lead to even bigger discounts for travelers.

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