With the digital world expanding at such high rates, it isn’t very difficult to come up with a new app. What is difficult is to market your app to your potential customers in the market. Promoting your app and getting a loyal customer base can be challenging. You may have worked very hard on improving your customers’ experiences while using the app, but how will they take advantage of the app if they don’t know about the app in the first place? We bring to you some effective strategies that will help you make more people take notice of your app. Read on to find out:

(1) The social networking media is free – so, use these existing channels to the fullest. Provide all the necessary information regarding your app – what it is about and where people can download it from. You can drive traffic from your Facebook page, Instagram account or even your YouTube channel. There are actual statistics showing that there is a direct relationship between a company’s social media page reach and the number of downloads of the app developed by the company. Make sure you mention the link clearly, instead of awkwardly placing it in the footer.

(2) Another market your app very important tool you could use is the email newsletter. Email newsletters are the most powerful and effective mediums of notifying and updating your customers. Keep in touch with your customers, and keep communicating to them about any new developments regarding your app.

(3) One of the most strategies you could use is App store optimization, which will essentially drive your downloads. In fact, if you get this right, you wouldn’t have to spend a lot on advertising and marketing. The rules of optimization depend upon respective app stores, but the one thing that you need to pay attention is upon the store algorithm. Keywords, app title, app description, package name, field, etc are some factors that you need to keep in mind. Again, all these factors are different for different app stores, may it be Google Play Store or the Apple Store. What is actually important is to get a high ranking in each of these stores.

(4) The last thing to keep in mind is to reach out to the media. Make sure you have as much press coverage as possible and have people sharing your posts. Don’t go spending huge bucks behind big publications, instead focus on the local media groups, which would help you get to specific segments of the market.