spaghetti sauce

I went to the grocery store this morning to buy some orange juice. That was my entire grocery list: orange juice. (My husband was making pancakes, and they just taste better with orange juice.)

But I make it a habit to check the price of spaghetti sauce every time I go to the store. We go through 3-4 jars of it a month (making things like spaghetti, chicken parmesan, and lasagne) and so I like to buy it when it’s on sale. I figured I would pick up a few jars if it was at a decent price in addition to the orange juice.

But I’ve never seen a sale quite like this. Prego spaghetti sauce was priced at $1.20 per jar at Fry’s with an additional $3 discount if you bought 15, bringing the price down to $1 a jar. Hah, IF I bought 15? I bought 45. That should last us about a year. The jars have “best by” dates on them of 2010, so we’ll be safe. It’s normally around $2.89 a jar, with prices as high as $3.35. The lowest I’ve ever seen it before today was $1.50, so hey, I decided to stock up.

Stocking up like this is only a good deal IF:

  • It’s on products that you use all the time anyway
  • It’s on products that will not spoil in the time it will take you to use them
  • Stocking up won’t break your budget
  • You have room to store them

Now we have a smallish kitchen (maybe 8×9?) so the majority of our spaghetti sauce is now residing in our linen closet. There was plenty of room in there, so why not? I figure there’s no rule that says food sealed in glass jars has to stay in the kitchen.

The only way this deal could have been better is if I’d had some 50 cent off coupons for Prego. That would have made them free with doubling. But I’m very happy with my bargain. That’ll save us about $90 over the coming year.

Oh, and I did remember the orange juice.