Online streaming has become a widely popular way to spread communications and share moments in modern society. However, streaming is not just for entertainment or social activities anymore, and can actually be utilized within businesses to enhance productivity, boost efficiency and, ultimately, raise profits. As such, this article will enlighten you on five simple ways in which you can effectively utilize streaming services for your business.

Simple Training

While the trend of utilizing online videocasting services is growing, there are still a vast amount of businesses that do not yet utilize them to fullest. Even the most mundane tasks such as training, as practically demonstrated by Troy Dean, can be achieved by connecting virtually. With shared documents and applications, remote viewing and even programs which allow for simultaneous, collaborative work, there is almost no need any more to be physically present unless it is actually for physical training. Knowledge can be easily and conveniently shared across the planet almost instantly, and many universities are actually taking advantage of this by hosting classrooms throughout the world via online video feeds. This is the modern world we are moving towards, and virtual training sessions are just the very tip of the iceberg.

Inspirational and Motivational

While most people will immediately think of the classic, cheesy motivational videos that are so common along social media channels, there are also highly valuable videos and live events that can greatly benefit your business. Motivation is sometimes difficult to instill, and as an employer, you need to utilize every opportunity you can to keep your employees motivated and wanting to work hard. Fortunately, this is a lot easier in modern times, in which we can connect and share inspiration instantly with each other. Just be sure that you do not overwhelm your employees with multiple kinds of content each day, to ensure that they do not find it a chore to have to watch every little clip you send their way. But as long as you focus on quality and pick out only the best to share, you can certainly help your employees stay motivated, focused, and eager to boost the profits of your business.

Product and Service Review or Comparison

As Marshal McLuhan once predicted, we truly do live in a modern global village, with everyone and everything connected so closely via the internet. As such, learning about competitors, consumers, as well as general thoughts and opinions on various matters is easier than ever. In particular, product comparisons, reviews, and unboxing videos can offer great insight to your marketers and employees. These types of content are particularly good to glean genuine insights from, as shared by Guided-Selling, as they allow you to witness the first moments of a consumer interacting with products. Whether it is your product or not, discovering how consumers perceive factors like packaging, layout, and design, as well as a host of other controllable variables will allow your business to provide even greater products or services.

Event Streaming – One Representative for Many Employees

There are often large conferences, conventions, seminars, and other exciting events that your employees could certainly benefit from, which are too expensive to send an entire compliment of staff. Fortunately, you can utilize global videocasting services like BlueJeans streaming tools so that, rather than sending everyone, you can send one representative to record and broadcast the event back to the rest of your employees. This way, you can pay for only one ticket, while allowing everyone in your business to enjoy the benefits. Additionally, these can be recorded and viewed or reviewed at your employees’ convenience, ensuring that employees don’t even need to be present at the time of the event, but can rather benefit from it whenever they see fit.

Seminars and Business-Wide Events

In a similar way to how you can utilize streaming services to allow all of your employees to take part in conventions and events, you can also provide easy access to important seminars and large-scale events involving your business. Such events are often difficult for each and every person to attend, so by streaming or recording and playing back the event, you can ensure that more of your employees will benefit. This service could also be utilized to enhance promotional events, by having any of your employees at hand to answer questions that consumers might have, or to analyze the behavior of consumers interacting with your brand.

There truly are an almost endless amount of ways in which you can utilize streaming services to enhance your company’s productivity and success, so start thinking of your own creative ways. These five are an excellent place to start, but if you want to truly take full advantage of such services, you need to integrate them into your unique business in a way that best suits it.