1. Cancel insurance on your cell phone. With the deductible, the limited coverage, and the low cost of cell phones, it’s probably not worth it. You’ll save $3-$5 per month, based on your plan.

2. If you have a land line and want to keep it, cancel your long distance and voice mail. Use your cell  phone or a calling card instead for long distance calls, and spring for an answering machine if people have actually been leaving you messages on your voice mail. Savings? $5-$7 per month.

3. Cook one additional dinner at home each week & freeze any leftovers. A home-cooked meal for two plus leftovers can cost between $3-$7 total, saving you at least $25 per week compared to (inexpensive) restaurant prices. Multiply this times four and your savings is $100 per month.

4. If you drive, avoid hard acceleration. Not only will you be less likely to be hit by someone running a red light, your gas mileage will significantly improve. According to this CNNMoney.com article the cars tested showed a 27.1 to 35.4 percent improvement in gas mileage. If you fill up twice a month and get 15 gallons each time, this will save you $21.06 to $27.50 per month at $2.59 a gallon.

5. Switch to drinking tap water. Not only is it better for you than drinks like pop & coffee, it’ll save you money and help reduce waste in the environment. Savings? $30 per month or more, depending on your habits.