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5 Questions to ask yourself before Making any Financial Decision

5 Questions to ask yourself before Making any Financial Decision

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In life, we often face situations where our brains go through stages of absolute torture as they struggle back and forth between confusion and conclusion. The questions differ, the scenarios change and people move on, yet the process of the time leading upto the moment of making the decision remains quite the same. Big or small,decisions have to be made. Some require deeper contemplation while some, just a little bit of courage. However, inaction is worse. If you feel like you have a decision looming in your life or that a big decision storm is about to hit you and disrupt your entire world, don’t run, don’t hide. Ask yourself these 5questions and note down your answers and, hopefully, they’ll help you figure out what to do or what not to do. So let’s get to it:

How long have I been thinking about this?

The length of the time for how long this decision has been lingering on your mind is a strong indicator of how important it is to you. The longer the time, the larger the impact on you and the faster you have to make your decision. The more you think, the more it bothers you. Just as how sad you get when your favourite movie character dies and that stays on your mind for a long, long time and thus,keeps you always hanging on. You need closure.

What advice would I give to someone else in my place?

You need to ask yourself what you would probably advise a close friend or a loved one. Preach what you pray, they say, is easier said than done. This will be a time of hypocrisy for you won’t very much do as you would advise but that will be your next step, as to figure out why you can’t do it. The advice you would give someone else speaks greatly about your level of maturity and healthy discussion when it comes to helping out someone else and yet with your own decision, you’re stuck. Take yourself seriously and have faith.

Which decision makes me happier?

At the end of the day,being content and happy is of utmost importance for it’s you with yourself, all day and every day. Thinking about others and being selfless is important and must be considered and yet, cannot be at the cost of your own joy. Happiness lies in simplicity and not toxic relations or decisions. Try to be happy in the little things and perhaps, you might find the answer to your problems. If the decision is correct, you’ll know the momentary sadness you feel will fall and you’ll rise to the dawn of a brand new, bright and joyful beginning.

Is this long term and how does it affect my future?

Your future is your home and life and that definitely, cannot be escaped. If the decision you have to make will have a future impact that might be long term and possibly irreversible, you need to take your time and come to a practical decision. Your future is for you.

What are the risks both ways?

Risk calculations seem mathematical and too practical in nature. But without them, you’re putting everything on line just to avoid finding out the risk factors as you’re too afraid. Try to look for risks both ways and most importantly, if the risk is worth it?

Sometimes some decisions look complex from the outside and that’s solely as we are too afraid to face them. Try looking at them through a new angle and perhaps, they aren’t such a drastic mystery and misery. Change is inevitable and must be embraced. Decisions must be made. These ten questions might put things into perspective and give you an orderly plan to follow, but it all comes down to how you feel in your bones, your gut and your heart. Wise decision making!

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