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5 Tips to Improve Your Hiring Process

5 Tips to Improve Your Hiring Process

Hiring process

Hiring the right people for your business is an important part of being a business owner, but have you been feeling like you just can’t get the right people? Perhaps you might be constantly letting promising candidates slip out of your fingers, or feeling like your applicants just don’t have the right qualifications?

While these assumptions may be true, it may also be because you are not recruiting right. If you are serious about finding the cream of the crop from today’s competitive market, it’s high time to start improving your hiring process. Here’s how you can:

  1. Set up an employee recruiting strategy.

Once you have an extensive job description in hand, the next best step to do is to set up a recruiting planning strategy, which involves key employees who will be in charge of hiring any new employees. Together with your Human Resources team and your hiring manager, formulate a step-by-step hiring process, from posting the job online to plotting potential interview questions, to coming up with a checklist of the most important characteristics needed for the position.

  1. Improve your interviews.

Flawed interview processes may result in failures in finding the right employees for your company. Most of the time, interviewers place their focus too much on the technical issues that they fail to notice other, more pressing factors, such as coachability, motivation, and emotional intelligence. Aside from relying on objective data, consider spitting out subjective, culture-oriented questions.

  1. Consider the personality.

In relation to number 2, fit the applicant’s personality to the position you are looking for. While the right skill is an important factor when considering if a candidate is perfect for the job, unlike skills, personalities cannot be taught. Keep an eye out for these “soft skills” during your interviews. It’s also best if you align one’s personality traits with the daily tasks required of the job.

  1. Do background and reference checks.

Background checks are some of the most vital steps when it comes to hiring employees. It’s easy for a candidate to present sterling credentials, but these may not be true, so there needs to be a verification process, which may include checking on work references and criminal history.

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In fact, some states require a pre-employment urine drug test for prospective candidates, as this can help weed out problematic employees from your company. Potential applicants may need to pass a drug test before the job is even offered.

  1. The sooner you make up your mind the better.

Let’s face it—competition is out there, and you are not the only one vying for a candidate to fill a particular position. Your applicants are more than likely to be applying for multiple jobs with multiple companies, so if you still plan on mulling over a candidate for a long time, chances are that your competition will beat you to it. Considering that applicant’s skills and qualifications, make up your mind at the soonest possible time and extend that job offer.

Hiring is a crucial phase that any business has to undergo. While selecting the best people for your business is not be an easy task, it can be eased by following the right tips and advice.

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