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5 Ways to Live a Minimalistic Life

5 Ways to Live a Minimalistic Life

Minimalistic Life

1. Learn to say no.

Before you ‘click-to-buy’ for the next Amazon order or night on the town, ask yourself if this is a want or a need. By saying no you will eliminate overspending. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still have fun.  Check out your city’s website for local events that are free and get connected with the community.

2. Stop with expensive coffee and eating out.

Yes, it may seem so much easier to get take out and your morning coffee might be the one thing you look forward to the most. However, it adds up fast and you probably already have a coffee maker at home. Check online to find your favorite food and drink copycat recipes.

3. Discover the fun in couponing!

If you are willing to do a little searching, you can find an online or in-store coupon for almost anything! And don’t forget to sign up for retailers’ rewards programs for added deals!

4. Get a side job.

Have a hobby? Ever thought about making some money doing it? Now is the time to start! If you have a hobby start building a small inventory and start posting on sites like Facebook, Craigslist, or Etsy. Also, watch out for local events like craft shows to sell your product there! This can be a quick way to make money and can become a steady income with return customers.

5. Minimalize.

Do you really need 15 pairs of jeans? Do you have any old furniture that you can part with? Odds are you probably do! Take notice of items you could do without.  Join city-wide rummage sale groups online and visit your local consignment stores. This is a quick and easy way to put extra dollars back in your wallet.

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