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5 Ways To Save On Medical Expenses

5 Ways To Save On Medical Expenses

Save money on medical expenses

We don’t realize how important our health is until we fall sick or become the victim of an accident. To treat ourselves we end up in the doctor’s office or the emergency room and leave with a long medical bill, which is hard to pay for most of us. There are ways to reduce those medical expenses and get treated, at the same time. Let’s find out how:

1. In the Case of a Road Accident

A road accident may cause devastating injuries, such as head or spinal cord injuries. The treatment costs of such injuries are through the roof. Let’s just not forget how much you have to pay for auto repair. Be it a car accident or an 18-wheeler accident, you need an attorney to fight your case and provide you with the maximum compensation for your injuries and loss. Luckily, in most major cities, they’re just a call away to assist and fight for your right.

2. Ask Your Doctor the Right Questions

Before getting any medical treatment, ask your doctor about the procedure and how much it will cost. Make sure the estimated cost they tell you includes all tests, medications, room bill, and additional services provided by the hospital. Often the tests that doctors recommend, are not necessary for your treatment, so question them about the importance of those tests before getting them done. This will help you only spend on the required tests. Don’t hesitate to ask about other options which are less expensive yet still treat your problem.

3. Which Drugs to Buy

Medication is another expensive part of any treatment. Ask your doctor to prescribe you generic drugs which are equivalent to the branded ones. You can also purchase generic drugs from a wholesaler at reduced rates. Make sure you buy your whole medication at once to take advantage of any discounts.

4. Check Your Bill for Errors

According to a U.S. Government Accountability Office Report, 9 out of 10 hospitals overcharge. Medical bills usually don’t break down the costs for you and that can make patients pay more than the actual amount. Ask for an itemized bill with details. Check your insurance manual for the expenses covered by your insurer and calculate the amount you have to pay. Make sure the billed services have truly been provided. Moreover, while reviewing your bill, calculate the costs again (in case of manual billing).

5. Preventive Measures

Always take care of your health! No one likes to end up in the hospital and go through medical procedures. First off, your body needs at least eight hours of sleep so that it can rest and repair itself. Eating the right food can save you from obesity, high cholesterol, and various other health problems. You should consume a balanced diet consisting of vegetables, fruits and whole foods. Most importantly, don’t underestimate the importance of drinking eight glasses of water daily to stay hydrated. Secondly, avoid harmful drugs that cause short term and long term degeneration of your organs. Drugs like nicotine and habits like smoking can cause different cancers and heart problems. Remember, preventative medicine is always better (and cheaper) than curative medicine!

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