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6 Ways to Have Your Home Sell Quicker

6 Ways to Have Your Home Sell Quicker

A new year can mean a fresh start for many, and one of your resolutions may be to sell your home.
Over the pandemic stricken last few years, there has been some uncertainty and changes in the
property market, so we’ve put together a list of top tips to help you get your home through a
successful sale, as quickly and easily as possible for a pain-free experience that will set your year off
right. Read on to find out how.

1. Hire A Team Of Professionals

Selling your home yourself is difficult and time-consuming. Engage a professional agent if you want a relatively stress-free sale. If you’re Arizona based, there are some great ones to help you sell a house fast in Phoenix. Once your home is on the market, you will need an attorney or lawyer to handle the legal aspect, as housing contracts can be super complicated. If you are using a home loan to buy your new place, you will also need a contact at your loan company or bank to look after your money and deal with the financial transactions. Once you’ve built a great team that you can trust, they will be able to handle the finer details while you can focus on the exciting parts – hunting for a new home!

2. Dress To Impress

No not you, you can hang that dress back in your closet, it’s your home that needs dressing well. The
key to attracting potential buyers is by making the home look as good as possible so the prospective
new owners can envisage themselves living there without having to do a ton of work. Keep décor
neutral, let as much light into the space as possible, and make sure all areas are tidy. This tip is
especially important for photographs. If people are inside your home, they can get a feel for its
potential but until then you will need to entice them through a screen.

3. The Devil Is In The Details

Once you have booked some viewings, ensure your home is up to scratch, as the market is currently
competitive, and most new buyers are looking for a place that is already liveable. Check that the
bathroom suite has no major faults, that the lights and electrical sockets are in good working order
and all of the doorknobs are fixed. If your home is a mess and you are selling it as a fixer-upper, be
prepared to receive lower offers as it could cost the buyers a lot of money for all of the necessary
works, meaning they will want to pay a lot less for the building itself.

4. Tidy Up Your Yard

The outside of your home will be the first impression of the property any potential buyer will have. Make sure your driveway has been washed (pressure washed if it’s old and really grubby) and any greenery is trimmed and pruned. Remove any tangled weeds – you don’t want the entrance of your home to look like an overgrown jungle! Check that any steps, paths, or drives are in good condition and safe to walk along and that any handrails are sturdy and not wobbly or broken. Find out from your agent who is visiting and try and make the home look appealing to their nature. If they have small children, add a small cheap fence around the outside of the property to make it look more secure. If they have a dog, add a water bowl near the front door. These little changes can really help new buyers picture themselves living inside the home.

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5. Clean, Clean, Clean!

Scrub your home until it is sparking and then some. Make sure your taps are limescale-free, ensure your toilets are clean enough to eat a meal off, even wipe down the inside of your fridge. If your grouting is grimy, buy a cheap grout pen and go over the lines to make it look as fresh as possible. Ensure your floors are swept, hoovered, and polished so that they look spotless. If you have dirty marks on the walls, consider a repaint of the room, or try and move furniture to cover it. Even a pot plant can disguise stained, old skirting boards.

6. Add Mirrors

Mirrors make rooms look much bigger, so create an little optical illusion by adding mirrors in every room. Large wall mirrors work best, so pop one up in the center of your living room wall, add them to your closet doors, and hang one in your hallway.

Have you just sold your home fast? Let us know your tips for a quick and easy sale to help

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