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7 Money-Related Things I Regret Doing

7 Money-Related Things I Regret Doing

7 Money-Related Things I Regret Doing

Ready? Here we go:

1. I took out a loan to buy a brand-new car. I bought it with the idea that it would be reliable, and it turned out to be a lemon. (I think it needed 3 clutches in 4 years, and 2 brake jobs?) Plus, it instantly depreciated. I was very happy to sell that thing.


2. Got a check from a 401(k) when I left a job, and used it to buy…I have no idea what.


3. Used credit cards to buy things I couldn’t afford, didn’t need, and don’t remember, and carried a balance on the cards.


4. Paid 2 months late on my mortgage once. This cost me years later in the interest rate I was able to receive on a mortgage, even though this was the only exception EVER to my otherwise good credit.


5. Paid someone else’s bills for them, when I should have let them experience the consequences of their own actions instead.


6. Borrowed money from a relative to pay off debt. The way to get out of debt is to work at it, not to borrow more money.


7. Leased a brand-new van (we won’t even go there) and failed to get gap insurance on it. When it burned to a crisp less than 2 years later, we still owed money.


What are your money-related regrets?!


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