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8 Essential Ways to Use Sound in Online Games

8 Essential Ways to Use Sound in Online Games

8 Essential Ways to Use Sound in Online Games


Have you ever muted a game before playing it? You might have noticed that muting video games destroy the overall gaming experience as the sounds do play a big role in the overall experience.

Guest author Lucas Goldberg looks at eight essential ways to use sound in games. To find out more about Lucas Goldberg, click here.


A game’s sound design has the power to make or break it, which is why developers pay a great deal of attention when it comes to incorporating sounds. Let us now look at 8 essential ways to use sound in online games:

Match Contexts and Activities in Games

When we play a game, we need to hear video game sounds of match activities, choices, or movements. Contextual sounds are sounds that perfectly match an action that is taking place in a game. For example, you hear these sounds when a character moves or uses a particular ability or when you make a choice.

Although an essential part of the gaming experience, contextual sounds need to be perfectly synchronized with the activity. If not, they sound like errors.

If you have ever played casino games, you will be aware of how gambling sounds can prolong your gaming session. The right slot game sounds can make you feel as if you are winning big and encourage you to continue playing.

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Define Spaces in Games

When a game designer incorporates audio effects in a game, he/she should make sure that it defines the gaming space perfectly. Also, game designers have to consider the types of materials in those spaces.

Different types of spaces have different sound effects. For example, you hear the same sound differently in big and small spaces. In a small space, you hear the sound instantly. In a big space, you take a longer time to hear it; moreover, the sound reaches you after bouncing off several surfaces.

Focus Your Attention

Sound designs help you to focus on various game elements. For example, they help you to move from one level to the other, get ready for your opponents’ attack, or just admire the game universe.

When developers use sound effects in games that match the game graphics, they inform players that something requires their attention. Also, having different auditory effects and visuals may have a powerful impact, depending on the subject and theme of the game.

Set the Game’s Mood or Atmosphere

The success of a game depends on the emotion you feel when you are playing it. The sound alone doesn’t help in stirring up emotions within a player. Instead, it works with visuals to set the mood of the game.

Make Games Immersive

While contextual and space-defining audio effects have the effect of making players believe in something happening in a game space, immersive sounds make players feel as if they are physically in that space.

An immersive game successfully makes you forget yourself. It physically takes you within a game space and makes you feel as if you are a game character.

Add to the Game’s Intensity

Do you add additional layers of intensity to the game? Even if a game lacks intensity, you can include a few sound effects that make it appear intense.

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That’s why developer teams spend hours testing different types of sound effects to check their intensity level. At the same time, the sound has to be appropriate to what is happening in the game.

Smoothly Move from One Point to Another

Games perform two major tasks – tell stories and challenge you to do something. When you play a game, you have to take in information and get into action. Sound effects help you to move from one point to the other smoothly.

Also, different game screens take time to load, and when that happens, you hear a different soundtrack that adds spice to the gaming experience.


Set the Pace of Gameplay

How fast do you need to accomplish a mission or solve a puzzle or find the object? The game’s music already sets the pace, but you hear a different type of sound effect when you have just a few seconds left. This brings you to the edge of your seat and fills you with a sense of urgency.


We can see that sound plays a major role in all types of games. In addition to adding elements of thrill, adventure, and excitement to the overall gaming experience, sound effects also give hints that help you react to specific gaming situations, give you instant feedback on your inputs and stir emotions deep within you, making the game immersive.


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