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A new house chart

A new house chart

I wrote about being tempted recently to create my own mortgage payoff chart after seeing some of the cool charts on, and well, I broke down and made one using OpenOffice. Here it is:

Mortgage payoff chart

The cool thing about this is that even though our extra payments are temporarily on hold, I’ll still be able to see the progress we ARE making as we make each monthly payment. Each square represents around $72 paid toward principal. It’s not 100% accurate because I got a little lax with the measuring, but close enough for visualization purposes. Plus, I can make my husband laugh by talking about sitting in our paid-for computer room.

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  • I love this idea! visual aids are really motivating!
    “If I just add X to this check…I can get another square!”

  • What an awesome idea……being able to visually track your progress is a great way to realize a goal (even paying off the mortgage). I will DEFINITELY have to create one of these tracking charts.

  • Yea, really neat idea; I never thought of it like that… From the looks of it though, the garage is the MOST expensive piece! :) Nice post!~

  • I had not heard about the charts you mentioned yet. I have now though :)

    The paid/unpaid graph is really cool, that would be a great thing to hang in an office, or on the fridge :)

    Thanks for the ideas,

    Mich D

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