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Ack! January is more than half over already

Ack! January is more than half over already

You know, I saw someone ask recently for a 2009 goal update, and thought to myself, why would anyone do a 2009 goal update now? That’s when I realized that half the month was gone already, and that I’d better get busy on contributing to my Roth. Oops. Apparently time really does slip by when you’re not looking. Or when you’re busy reading.

I’m attacking a pile of mostly stock-related books, and it’s been kind of slow going. I’m reading The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America, It’s When You Sell That Counts, and The Super Analysts. Plus I just finished Twilight. (Yes, one of those things is not like the other.) I got most of the books from my trusty library. They didn’t actually have any of them available, but they got them for me in short order via inter-library loan. Libraries are a wonderful thing.

In other reading:

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Clever Dude suggests ways to keep warm in a cold house. Hm, I wonder if I could show up with a heating pad at work, it’s always cold there!

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