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Alright, that’s it!

Alright, that’s it!

I’m hereby committing to (amazing how hard this is to write) spending no more than $125 on eating out for the next month. My budgeted amount is $150, but I’ve been consistently going over that by $50 to $100. I can afford to spend the additional money, but I’m not getting enough benefit from the eating out. Also, eating out so much is making it hard for me to be healthy. (One bread stick at Olive Garden is like 200 calories? And I don’t eat just one.) I think I’ve finally had enough of too much, so this is my plan:

1. Make up a meal plan for every day in September that allows for leftovers.
2. Purchase the food for that meal plan.
3. Actually make the food on schedule.
4. Specify the days that I will eat out.
5. Allow 1-2 “I’m-just-not-in-the-mood-for-cooking” days to be changed up at random.
6. Write down everything I eat.

I figure I will get healthier and save money in the bargain.

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  • Be sure to include at home meals of : spaghetti, meatloaf, roast chicken – all of which make wonderful leftover or planned over meals. Comfort meals of grinders, grilled cheese, soup are quick and easy. Take advantage of sales at grocery store. We just had meals of porterhouse steak, mashed potatoes & salad and stuffed clams, grilled shrimp, rice pilaf and sliced tomatoes. Total cost for 2 meals for 2 people $23.00. Usually our entrees have cost that much each!!

  • If you do eat out, do you use coupons? My wife and I have committed to only eating out restaurants where we have a gift card or a coupon, and to limit the frequency even if we do have a coupon or gift card. We can get out of Olive Garden for about $15 this way. It’s saved us enormously!

  • Eric, I use gift cards when I have them, and when I eat a Chick-Fil-A they usually have the punch card so that I get every 5th sandwich free, but that’s about it. I think saving money will be a side benefit — the main thing is that I eat less junk. (But, of course, that means I have to not buy junk at the grocery store as well.)

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