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Another Reason I Like USAA

Another Reason I Like USAA

I got a letter in the mail yesterday that stated, “In a few days, you’ll receive your homeowner’s policy renewal packet for 1234 OUR ADDRESS. We recently changed the way we price homeowners insurance to ensure your premium reflects the risk your policy presents to USAA. As a result, your policy premium has decreased.”

Yes, DEcreased.

This is the same organization that sends out annual car insurance checks if they have had a good financial year. The same place with no-fee checking accounts.

USAA has great rates and superior service. Every time I’ve ever gotten a quote from other companies, they all ask about our current coverage and say “Oh we can’t beat that, not without reducing your coverage.” If you’re looking for insurance (or a variety of financial services) it’s worth checking to see if you meet USAA’s eligibility requirements. (And just to be clear, no one’s paying me to say any of this stuff.)

Updated at 7:40 pm:  We got the actual letter today stating how much our new premium will be for the next year. It’s $458.14. I just checked last year’s bill, and it was $564.99. This means our new amount is $106.85 less! AND we have better coverage this year too. Yay! More to put toward the principal.

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