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Are Your Goals On Repeat?

Are Your Goals On Repeat?

Like many people, I use the new year as an opportunity to look over the previous year’s goals and to create new ones. What I’ve noticed in doing so though is that sometimes I have goals that seem to be on repeat: they show up year after year without getting crossed off. Usually, when that happens it’s because the goal is something that I do want to do, but that I’m procrastinating on for some reason.

Sometimes the reason is obvious. For example, when I put a project on the list that I don’t enjoy doing (but I like the results). In that case, it’s a battle between which I hate more: doing the project or having it sitting undone, nagging at me. In that case, I know that hating having it sit undone will eventually win, and I’ll complete the project, so I leave it on the list until I get it done.

But sometimes the reason is not so obvious. I want to make an abundance of money each year from my business. However, I’ve yet to reach that goal. In cases like this, it pays to examine why the goal is on repeat. Is it that the goal is too ambitious? Is the goal well-defined enough? Are there smaller steps that should be listed as sub-goals first? Is there something else that needs to be overcome before the goal can be reached? Such as a fear of success? Do I need help to stay motivated consistently? (In my case, I believe a little of each of those reasons are contributing to the problem.)

If you’ve got a goal that seems to be on repeat, take a few moments to examine why. Then, adjust or eliminate the goal as necessary for the coming year. (It IS ok to cross a goal off entirely if it isn’t something that you want to accomplish.) Good luck with your goals, and happy new year.

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  • Interesting point…. most of my goals are on repeat – but they fall into 2 catagories….

    First – They repeat because I don’t get them accomplished – and so they remain on the list…. working out – living a more healthy life. I just don’t seem to have the motivation to get these things done on a SUSTAINED level.

    Second – Goals that I LOVE, that I ACCOMPLISHED and that I WANT TO DO AGAIN!!! Two main financial goals fall into this catagory…. Double our net worth and to have “our income from investments exceed our expense enought to allow for further investment”

    The real difference between these two? The second group is LIFESTYLE choice – and not something that is only thought about around the first of the year. The trick is… how do you get the first group into the second group?

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