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At least they’re offering credit monitoring

At least they’re offering credit monitoring

You may have seen the recent article in the Boston Globe that stated that up to 21,000 loan clients may have had data exposed on the US Department of Education’s Direct Loan Servicing Website. Well, I was one of the 21,000. Since I’ve been aggressively paying off my student loan, I’ve been haunting their site and watching my balance go down. I also happened to try to make an additional payment during the time period mentioned in the article. I gave them a call after I read the article, and they said that they were in the process of identifying those that may have been affected. They took my info and promised to get back to me. Yesterday I got a letter in the mail detailing the problem, apologizing, and offering one year of free credit monitoring. (Which happens to be exactly what I asked for.) So I’ve gotten signed up with Equifax and placed a fraud alert on my file. Hopefully that’ll be the end of that :)

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