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Be prepared or pay

Be prepared or pay

Normally I bring in breakfast to work, but I’d forgotten to buy more jam to go with my toast, so I went into the cafe to get something to eat. I ordered a breakfast sandwich, which comes with 2 pieces of grilled bread, egg, cheese & once slice of meat. Basically, it’s a cheese & egg sandwich with some meat for flavor, and it goes for $3.69. I was already kicking myself for having forgotten part of my breakfast, but decided I’d spend the money instead of being hungry. There was just one problem: I don’t like cheese & egg sandwiches, so I asked if they could leave the cheese & egg off and instead give me two slices of meat. (Ham & bacon — they literally put one piece of each on it.) Sure, no problem.

Except when the lady rang me up, it came to $5.07. An extra $1.38 so that I could have ONE piece of bacon added to my sandwich that would now otherwise consist of a single slice of ham on some bread. “You’re charging me more for the bacon, but not reducing anything because I’m not getting the egg & cheese?” I asked. “That’s right”, she answered, explaining that it was now some special type of sandwich.

Lessons learned?
1. Remember your breakfast.
2. Choosy people pay more.
3. I’m really grumpy in the mornings. (Not that that was a shocker.)

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I decided against the sandwich. Maybe I’ll have a candy bar for breakfast instead. I’m sure there’s some Halloween candy floating around somewhere…

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  • That’s one thing I’ve never understood. Restaurants will charge you 50 cents to add cheese to a burger but not take charge less when you don’t want veggies on it

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