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Becoming A Digital Nomad – What Are The Pitfalls?

Becoming A Digital Nomad – What Are The Pitfalls?

If you’re interested in remote working, you’re almost certain to have come across the term digital nomad. In theory it sounds like the perfect lifestyle, earning money while travelling around the globe, what could be better?

However, anyone looking to embrace this lifestyle should be aware of the potential problems with this lifestyle, especially if they’re about to quit their stable office job.

 Financial Security

When you’re far from home you have to be ready for any eventuality. If things go wrong it can cost you, a lot. Whether it’s expensive hospital bills, replacing vital equipment or getting yourself away from a dangerous location.

In this study of the digital nomad lifestyle, Lottoland noted that should you fall victim to theft, you may be liberated of all your electronics, which for the digital nomad, is your sole source of income. Buying what you need can cost hundreds, possibly thousands but it’s an expense you simply can’t avoid.

If you’re freelancing and your contracts suddenly dry up, which they often do, you need to insure you have enough money stashed away to live off for a while, or buy a ticket home if you’re in a real crisis.

Working Remotely

How many times have you turned to a co-worker and asked if they’re also having problems with the internet? Quite a lot, right, and that’s in your office. Pluck yourself out of those comfortable surroundings, and imagine trying to get important work done while in a remote location, off the beaten path!

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Going to the pub with friends on a Friday, seeing family, relaxing in your living room. These are all things that the perpetual nomad will miss out on, and missing out on this can be hard work. Plus, you will see friends and family have children, buy houses and get big promotions, which are also things that a nomad misses out on.

The nomad lifestyle has a lot of pros and cons, the trick is to read both sides of the story before launching yourself into this very different lifestyle.

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