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Being in debt can be like having a yard full of weeds

Being in debt can be like having a yard full of weeds

Weeds along a sidewalk

It’s been raining a lot here lately, which means that weeds are sprouting up everywhere. For example, our yard looked nice and neat before we left on vacation. But when we returned 10 days later, it was like a jungle had appeared. I was shocked. (I’m surprised no one called the city to complain.) Since then we’ve been diligently pulling weeds. But it keeps raining (yay) and so they keep right on reappearing. We just haven’t gotten ahead. It’s frustrating.

It struck me that being in debt can be a lot like having a yard full of weeds. Your life just doesn’t feel as nice with debt constantly nagging at you or with a yard full of weeds staring you in the face. The longer you put off pulling the weeds, the more effort and time it will take to pull them. Likewise, debt takes hard work to eliminate, the job can seem never-ending, and at times it feels like the interest just keeps piling on.

But once you buckle down and really get to work on them both, you’ll make headway. Start with a clearly defined area first and focus on that til it’s cleared up. Seeing your progress there will inspire you to continue to make progress, and you WILL eventually get it all taken care of.

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  • Brilliant analogy – struggling with debt is like struggling with weeds in your garden in the middle of a rainy season. The frustration is hard to deal with especially if you don’t see yourself making progress.

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