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4 Honest Reasons Why You Should Build a Business in Your 20s

4 Honest Reasons Why You Should Build a Business in Your 20s

Being in your twenties is said to be the most defining years of your life. Your twenty-something years will be the best and worst days of your life, for each decision you make during these years will greatly impact you. Thus, your twenties matter and you need to make the most out of them.

Your twenties are the perfect years to start venturing out on a business too. Apparently, there is no such thing as the right timing when it comes to putting up a business. If you think your twenties are not the best time to start your own business, then you might be wrong.

No one actually says that you are too young to become an entrepreneur when you are a twenty-something. Your age does not define your ability to run a business, so if this is what you really want to do, then go for it.

Here are some reasons why your twenties are the ideal time to build a business:

You Don’t Have Any Major Commitments Yet

Most young entrepreneurs have not jumped to any major decisions in their lives, such as marriage or having children. With this, you are able to focus solely on your business and collect information about how to apply online without thinking of other major obligations. Managing your business during your older years means lesser time to commit to something, for you have other more important priorities in life, like your children and/or spouse. And it will be harder to balance your time between family and business.

You Are Bold and Fearless

Most millennials are fearless when it comes to everything. They would dare rules if they know the outcome is rewarding. This is also the same with business. If you think investing more money on your business, then, you should do it. Money is not an issue because you can always borrow money from financial companies, right? If you are having some doubts, you can look for applications like Kikka’s business loan calculator to see how you can pay the money you’ll need for your business. Remember, you will never become a better entrepreneur if you stand still and wait for success to happen to you. Be bold and do everything you can to make your business thrive.

Time Is Your Friend

There is no shortcut for success, as people would always say. Starting a business while you’re young gives you more time to learn a lot of things. In case you fail, you will still have years to adapt and develop. Things won’t always be on your side, but with patience, you will get through all of this. It does not really matter how many times you fail, rather how you learn from your mistakes. So, as early as your twenties, you can put up your own business and go through the whole process of failing and eventually succeeding.

You Still Have Few Expenses

One of the major advantages of becoming a start-up entrepreneur in your twenties is having low personal expenses. Though you have been living independently and probably renting an apartment or paying for your own car, it would not be as costly as someone who supports a family or pays off a retirement and mortgage every month. It will be a whole lot easier for you to fund the growth of your business if your expenses are not that high enough yet.

Your young age won’t be a problem when planning to start your own business. It could actually be of your great advantage, as explained above. Therefore, if being an entrepreneur is what you ever dreamed of, then pursue it, even if you are just in your twenties.

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  • I agree that you really cannot lose by starting a business in your 20s, even if you fail. My first two business ventures failed, mostly because my career took off at the same time, but I learned a lot through both experiences. Those lessons are now helping me gain quicker traction in my new business venture.

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