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Bye bye home phone service

Bye bye home phone service

I think we’re going to cancel our home phone service, and just have naked DSL instead. I’d heard of naked DSL before (where you are able to have DSL service for your computer without an active phone connection being required) but at the time it wasn’t available in our area. Well, now it is, and the signs are recommending that we make the switch.

You see, we only have one phone in the house anyway. It’s a cordless phone that we’ve had for several years. We don’t use it to dial out more than 2-3 times a week, and we receive very few calls on it — maybe one a week that isn’t a sales call or political call. But recently when we do try to use it, the 1 and 3 keys on it don’t work right. They press fine, but the connection somehow isn’t being made. We could probably get it fixed, or replace the phone, but why bother? We each have a cell phone anyway. I rarely use even half of my minutes, so I don’t think a few more calls dialing out will be a problem.

This will probably save us between $13-$20 per month. It sounds like a small number, but that’s $156-$240 per year that we don’t need to be wasting on an unnecessary service. We can put it to good use.

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  • I’m glad you’re looking for savings everywhere, but make sure to look into the reliability of 911 service available through cell in your area. I’ve thought about switching to VOIP, but decided against it just for the reliability of landline 911. I guess it’s akin to having an insurance policy: everyone makes their own choices based on their comfort.

  • I don’t see why anyone needs a home phone anymore these days with cell phones. It’s just one less bill you need to worry about.

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