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Car insurance costs for teens

Car insurance costs for teens

My son is 14, and he’s already asking if he’ll be able to drive when he turns 16. I haven’t been sure what to tell him, because I didn’t have the slightest idea how much of an increase that might mean in our car insurance. So I made a phone call to our insurance company (USAA) to try to get a general idea.

They based the “general idea” estimate on the following factors: we have no changes to our existing cars, location, or driving records, my son takes a driver’s ed class, and my son’s grades are B’s or better. My current insurance on my car averages $50 per month. Their guesstimate at what I might be looking at in the future is an additional $111 per month. That’s uh, painful to contemplate, especially since it’s just insurance costs. Then there’s gas, maintenance, his own car if he buys one, etc. Cars really are a big expense.

They did mention that there is no premium increase while he has his learner’s permit, which I didn’t realize. The premiums only increase when he actually gets his license. So at this point I can at least give him an idea of the potential costs, and let him know that he’ll be able to get his learner’s permit. Even though it’s a big expense, I feel a little better at least having a general idea of just how big of an expense to prepare for.

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  • $111 a month is robbery. I would get shopping. My son’s is $279 every six months.

    Let me add, we only carry liability on his car, he is an honors student, we have good credit, and have been with the same company for years – for all our insurances (business & personal).

    The only way I can see a rate so high, is if you buy your son a new car or a newer car that requires full insurance. For a boy, this is not a good idea until after age 24 or 25 or when they have graduated college, no driving dinks, good credit and good job.

  • Well, that would be with him covered on our cars, which have full coverage. And we’re in a state that has pretty high rates just generally. But yeah, I’ll check around when it gets closer.

  • All our kids are covered on our vehicles too. Which both have full coverage.

    I guess, I should stop complaining when the bills come in. Thanks for the eye opener.

  • I’m so scared that this will be my reality someday. I’ve got a 2 year old (soon to be 3) and I dread the day she’ll be driving. It’ll be confirmation I’m getting older. I also don’t want to come down on USAA insurance (I was in the military and used them) but we’ve recently switched because the rates were a little too high. It might not be a bad idea to check around. I hope it leads to a better rate.


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