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Check For Double Coverage

Check For Double Coverage

Another thing that I discovered when reviewing our car insurance earlier was that we had some coverage I didn’t even know we had: Towing & Labor.

In our case, towing & labor pays to tow our car to the nearest repair shop that can repair the car if it becomes disabled (with us paying out-of-pocket for additional miles if we prefer a different shop), and it offers services to change a flat tire, unlock our car if we get locked out, and drop off gas if we run out.

It sounds almost identical to the coverage we have for those same services from AAA. Looks like I’ve got some more comparing to do because we sure don’t need to be paying twice for the same thing. (I wonder how many years we’ve been mindlessly paying for double coverage.)

At any rate, through USAA, the coverage is $24 ($12 per car per year).
Through AAA, it’s $95 per year for 2 drivers.

The question is…which one to drop. At first glance, AAA would seem to be the obvious choice, but there are a lot of discounts that come with that as well. I just need to do some checking to see how much those discounts have saved us, and some price comparison on how much the extra towing miles are (because my preferred shop is quite a ways away from where I’m likely to be).

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