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Childhood money memories

Childhood money memories

Do our childhood money memories influence how we act now? Maybe that’s a completely obvious question, because it’s pretty likely that the answer is yes. So maybe a better question might be “How do our childhood money memories influence the way we act now?”.

Some of lessons I remember learning were things like:

  • Credit cards are evil, but oh so tempting
  • Visits to the ATM are common
  • Cash is for spending as soon as it hits your hand
  • Work hard and you’ll get ahead…
  • Owning your own business is a way to be successful
  • Bargaining at car dealers is fun

I can see the influence of those lessons in my adult life. I thought debt was bad, but got into it anyway. I used to hit up the ATM regularly, until I realized that doing so was causing me to spend money I needed for other things. I still spend cash if I’m carrying it, so I don’t carry it unless I specifically want to blow it on a snack. I’m a big believer in working hard, and I started my first “business” before I was even a teenager. And yes, I like bargaining at car dealers, although more so on behalf of others.

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  • My fondest memory of money as a child was with basic math. Dad was teaching me addition and subtraction and I wasn’t following. He pulled out a few coins and gave me some real world examples with them and everything clicked. Since then, money has just made sense (or is it cents?).

    Like you, I love to haggle with car dealers on the behalf of others.

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