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Choosing To Live On $12,000 a Year

Choosing To Live On $12,000 a Year

A recent MSN Money article called Surviving (and thriving) on $12,000 a year caught my eye. It was written by Donna Freedman, a 48-year-old woman. Freedman is choosing to live on just over $12,000 per year for the next two years while she finishes college. This is not including whatever amounts she can make doing odds and ends. In the article, she lists some of the mantras that keep her going.

The one that resonated most for me was “Announce my intentions.” The basic idea is that when you make your intentions known to the universe and believe that things are so, it becomes so. For example, in the article, the author described needing more light and the next day finding a halogen lamp, and having a troublesome umbrella, and then being given a brand new one. I find that this kind of thing happens a lot: when you open yourself up, the things you need appear. Likewise, as soon as you commit to doing something, things move into place in your life that make them happen.

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  • Thanks for the link to that article. It was an amazing read! After having gone back to school and spending a few years in volunary poverty myself, I can totally relate to Donna!

    About “Announce my intentions”, have you had a chance to read about Steve Pavlina’s Million Dollar Experiment? He has taken the whole intention-manifestation thoery to a whole new level. I dont know if I actually believe in it, but found it an intresting read.

  • Yeah, I actually had read that post before, but thanks for posting the link because I’d meant to go back and re-read. I do believe in that stuff, absolutely, the trick for me is figuring out what it is I really want.

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