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Cluck cluck cluck

Cluck cluck cluck

That’s the sound of the chickens I wish I had. I don’t know exactly why, but I’d like to get a couple of chickens. I think it would be cool to be able to go out and get my own eggs, but I’m not sure I could handle the rest of what chicken-ownership might entail. (Such as eating them at some point…)

I like the idea of them out in the yard though, and the idea of living ever-so-slightly more sustainably. (Although I suppose that I’d need a rooster too, to truly make that sustainable in the long run. I don’t think my suburban neighbors would tolerate a rooster.)

But then I see things like this fantastic chicken house from a company called Omlet (hah!) and it just makes me want them even more. I mean, how adorable is that chicken coop? Good thing it’s in the UK, and I’m not, or there’d probably be a couple of chickens pecking away in the yard right this very minute.

Maybe I’d better stick with my first attempt at gardening for now, and save chickens for a little later. Are you doing anything to try to become more self-sufficient food-wise? If so, what are your reasons for doing so?

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  • Too funny that you mention getting a rooster. Just last night I was looking online for a number to call about my neighbor’s barking dog and there is a special number to call for “rooster complaints”. lol. I guess they are not very welcome in neighborhoods.

  • Chickens and roosters … roosters are the noise makers and usually aren’t allowed in cities but most cities do not have laws against chickens. Many limit it to 3-4 chickens probably simply so there’s no one with too many chickens for the amount of land they have but I’ve been considering building a “chicken tractor” and getting some chicks.

    Building a chicken tractor is much cheaper than the omlet (though the omlet was what first peeked my interest.) And they can be very simple or really cute depending on your carpentry skills.

    I’m interested in home grown eggs because they can taste SO much better than the store bought. If you’ve ever had fresh eggs you’ll know what I’m talking about. Then again, there’s also less distance from “farm” to table …

    I’m a little behind on starting my garden but I figure I should start with that before adding chickens (plus I need to clean out the garage some to do the woodworking part of building a chicken tractor.) Chickens can eat table scraps and some people say that they’re better than a compost bin. :)

  • “Never INVEST in anything that eats or grows” [Billy Rose, entrprepreneur and Broadway Producer].


  • You must not have noticed that at the bottom there was a dropdown to change it to US> They def have a US branch. You should totally do it!

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