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Commit To It

Commit To It

I’ve found that the best way to achieve any goal, financial or otherwise, is to commit to it. Once I’ve set the intention that I am doing it, suddenly everything seems to fall into place. (You know, as opposed to “wanting” to do it, “going” to do it. or “trying” to do it.)

Sometimes this commitment is as simple as writing it down. Other times, my commitment is tested, but that just reinforces that I’m on the right track. I’ve found that typically I don’t get ANYWHERE unless I commit. Think of all those years that I paid on my student loan without making much progress on it. But as soon as I committed to paying it off, bam I found a way to send significantly larger payments to it every month. I think that a lot of this has to do with attention and focus.

I read somewhere that every time you say you want something, you’re saying that you don’t have it. Have you ever taken a look at the dictionary’s definitions of “want”? A few of them are:

To be destitute or needy.
To be without; lack
To desire greatly; wish for

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Going by those definitions, “I want to be rich” becomes “I’m destitute and wish I could be rich but I can’t”. I don’t know about you, but I don’t intend to go around telling myself that I lack things. Starting now, I’m focusing on the positives. And what you focus on, you get.

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