The whole world works on the basic principle of trust. Be it anything from work to relationships. You all would agree that we people, go by our instincts and judgment about people before taking any decision regarding them. Now the one factor that is common across boundaries, races, castes, creed, religion and beliefs is trust. Such are we wired to work.

The election scenario across the globe is evidence to that. We cast our votes to those whom we can trust upon.

Similarly we give our work to only trustworthy hands. Ability, talent skill, all come later in the equation.

What else is a guarantee? It is a promise to fulfill the said words. It rests on the foundation of trust that one will abide by his/her words. Guarantee is a bit more than just a simple promise. If you have guaranteed someone it means you have made them believe that you will do whatever you promised to do.

Now once you have guaranteed someone your work you cannot back out. Because now the issue comes down to your ego and self respect. Deep within a fear of losing self respect arises which gets converted to a driving force that gets the work done.

Guaranteeing work eliminates the constant self doubt we have about ourselves that takes the form of an evil that hinders the path of starting any new thing.

It completely eliminates the scope of any doubt as to whether you will be able to do the job or not. Because once you make others believe you can do it, then you surely can believe it yourself. And if you believe you can do something then there is no force in this universe that can stop you from achieving it. It may sound a bit irrational, but it’s the truth. You can see for yourself.

Competence is nothing but simply the ability to do something. And there is no doubt that competency arises from guaranteeing your work.

Things even as simple as writing the very article you are reading right now. I guaranteed someone that I will write it off and so I did.

Does this article contain anything that you did not know already? No, it doesn’t, except it’s title. The article is just a justification of the title.

We all are competent enough to pull off any feat. But not all of us seem to be doing that because we don’t believe in it. And naturally one cannot do something that one doesn’t believe in.

You first make yourself believe and then you make others believe, by your actions.

There are two simple case scenarios, either you are competent to do something or you aren’t.

The first case is not too problematic because you already are competent enough.

But the beginning of being competent to do something that you weren’t competent enough to do earlier starts by guaranteeing your work only and then taking action.