Online business is very popular nowadays and the very easiest way to earn money. When it comes to CPA or any Affiliate marketing you can earn as much as you can. CPA is a very popular way to earn money without any investment. Now when it comes to monetization there are a lot of things but CPA was the best way. In this post, I’m going to tell you all about CPA.

What is CPA?

The full form of CPA is Cost-Per-Action or Cost-Per-Acquisition. It is an affiliate mode in which you get paid when an action is taken or done by the user. This action might be of various types like fill out forms, watching videos, any purchase, getting a quote etc.

How CPA Marketing work?

It is just a simple model or concept just learn some terms and you got solved.

• Advertiser: It is a brand that needs a partnership with an affiliate to get traffic to the website or business. This traffic helps in generating leads and making purchases and increase sales.

• Publisher or Affiliate: A blogger, businessman or a brand which connects with the advertiser to drive traffic to the website. This traffic helps in generating leads or boost conversion.

• CPA Network: It is a platform which connects the advertiser or the affiliate. In which the advertiser got the sales or and their products are promoted. While the publisher gets money who helps in promoting the products of an advertiser.

Basic CPA Terminology:

• Category: It is a category or the niche in which CPA offer applies. It can be of various types like fashion, sports, health, beauty etc.

• CPA(Cost per action): It defines only the specified money that got from the single action. You get more money when CPA increases.

• Offer page: It is a webpage in which conversion occurs after the action has been done by the visitors.

•    Conversion rate: It is a percentage rate in which a particular task or action has been done.

•    EPC(Earning per Click): It the amount that you get paid every time when any visitors click on your affiliate link.

• Cookies: Cookies are usually used to give or assign a specific ID to the user who clicks that affiliate link. The publisher of affiliate who is going to promote the products earns a good amount of bucks .

• Lead: It is an action that was done by the user. That action may be of like submitting email, address, name etc.

CPA Networks: There are a lot of CPA Networks emerging out every day. These networks provide CPA offers. Some of the best CPA networks are as follows:

1.    MaxBounty

2.    Clickbooth

3.    CPAlead

4.    Admitad

5.    Peerfly

 CPA Niches: There are various types of niches which might not be a good one. Some niche is very popular through which you can earn good money. Some popular niches are:

1.    Insurance

2.    Finance

3.    Gaming

4.    Dating

5.    Health

How Much CPA Marketing Pay?

CPA pays you according to the number of leads. These leads can be generated by completing the task like submitting the form, watching the videos etc. According to the offer, a single lead can pay you 1$ to 6$. In some marketing companies like insurance and finance can pay you almost 22$ for a single lead. It varies from company to company or offer to offer. If there is a multi-part or a multitasking process should be completed then you can expect approximate 150$ from a single lead.

Executive Summary:

It is now an emerging step in the field of digital marketing. You can earn money as much as you can without investing money. Expanding your website reach, a good amount on your investment, and wants to feel business impact then you should have to go with CPA marketing.