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Credit Card Overload

Credit Card Overload

I got a third credit card recently so that I would have a Visa to use for personal expenses at the 2 places I go to that don’t take American Express. (Yes, I hate using my debit card that much.)

So as it stands now I have one debit card that I hardly ever use, one debit card (for our joint account) that I use for groceries and that’s about it, a credit card strictly for my business expenses, an American Express that I use all the time, and this new Visa.

Apparently the new Visa is the straw that broke the camel’s back, because for some reason I’ve just had a much harder time keeping things straight account-wise since getting it.

But I’ve got to keep everything straight.

So I’ve been carefully checking the last four digits on the receipts to be sure I’m entering charges to the right accounts. (I set up my credit cards as if they were checking accounts in Quicken.) I’ve been making sure I enter receipts much more regularly — aiming for daily — instead of once or twice a week like I’d somehow gotten in the bad habit of doing. But when I compare my statements to Quicken, there are usually still a few places that I’ve messed up.

It’s frustrating, but I’m not sure what to do. I take that back — the obvious choice would be to just close the new Visa and go back to using my debit card at places that don’t take Amex, but I’m not thrilled with that idea.

Maybe I just need some time to adjust to things, but if this doesn’t clear up soon I’ll have to get busy brainstorming. Do you handle your credit cards similarly, if you use them?

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  • Use cash? I have one debit card and a couple credit cards that we are trying to pay off. I don’t use the credit cards and use cash most of the time instead of my debit. I haven’t had problems keeping track of cash flow in months, ever since I got in the habit of only withdrawing a certain amount from the bank and making sure that amount is recorded in my budget. Then it doesn’t matter how or where I spend the cash, as it’s already recorded.

  • Can’t help you much with making sure you use the right card at the right time. I suggest making sure you have them organized in your wallet the same way every time. But for keeping things straight and making sure you pay off balances at the end of the month, I highly recommend Mvelopes. I’ve been using it 3 years now and LOVE it. Keeps credit cards on track so you can pay them off at the end of the month and you can’t beat an envelope style budget. Grandma knew best.

  • I didn’t think you were having problems with keeping track at the POS, just when you’re reconciling receipts, right?

    If it’s at the POS, I use little stickers on my cards w/notes to keep them straight. The Chase Cash Plus card says “gas, groc, drugstores, reg use.” The AMEX says “hotels, restaurants, cell phone.”

    I’ve stopped keeping track beyond that.

  • Our company is actually changing the charge card we use for travel from AMEX to a Visa because of the very issue of how few places take AMEX. Maybe you should consider the same change – just ditch the AMEX and only use the Visa?

  • Jamie, I may check out Mvelopes just out of curiosity, although budgeting isn’t the problem.

    Cassandra, I think cash would be a disaster for me, because I definitely care about keeping track of how and where I spend it.

    Revanche, yup, that’s right.

    Chris, there are actually only two places that I go regularly that don’t take AMEX. I’m surprised there are few places when traveling that don’t. But then again, I was surprised when I was traveling elsewhere at how few places took credit cards period.

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