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Do I Really Want This?

Do I Really Want This?

If it were $25, yes, absolutely, in a second, but it’s twenty-five HUNDRED dollars. Just a couple of extra zeros…

I’m talking about a painting that I saw this weekend at an arts festival. The painting was a closeup of a hummingbird, and it spoke to me. I think it captured the essence of the bird, and since I love watching hummingbirds it was like having one hovering in front of me to watch. The artist had a card I”ll probably will keep for a few months before deciding. I figure I’ll either have forgotten the painting by then (in which case it’ll be obvious that I didn’t want it) or will have found a way to buy it if it’s still available. I guess it helps that I can’t think of anywhere to put it, and a painting like that doesn’t belong tucked away in a closet.

In addition to asking if I want something, I usually ask if it’s worth it to me to do the work necessary to get & keep it. And like my husband pointed out recently if you aren’t sure, the answer likely is no. It’s just that sometimes the only reason I’m not sure is because of the other things I want to do with the money instead. In those cases, it becomes a matter of priorities.

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  • Although it is hard to justify spending $2,500 on a painting, is it something that you would regret NOT buying on down the road? And could you negotiate the price? I saw a piece at an art show approx. 6 years ago…it was $1,300, and because of the price, I didn’t buy it. I have regretted that decision ever since!

  • Hm, I’ve spent more than that on a painting before, and don’t regret it for a second, but when I did that there wasn’t anything else that I needed the money for, which is the problem.

  • I agree with the other comment. I have found about 4 pieces that just spoke directly to me, and I learned just to buy them. I look at these pieces every single day, and they still bring me joy. They make my home happy, make me feel good and the cost isn’t even an afterthought…good luck, let us know what you do.

  • I think the question is can you afford to pay cash and still have enough for 6 months worth of emergency savings?

    If the answer is no, then you should definitely not be buying it.

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