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How We Lose Perspective

How We Lose Perspective

We went shopping recently, because I needed a pair of shoes that I could wear with business-type clothes. (I only had one pair that would go with those type of clothes, and since that pair literally made me feet bleed the last time I wore them for an hour, I was determined to replace them.) I’m probably one of the few people out there that will say this, but I hate shoe shopping. Hate it. Finding a single pair of shoes that fits me usually involves hitting every single shoe store & department store in one or more malls. That’s if I’m lucky, and don’t have to go to two or three malls plus an outlet store.

So to me, even though I look at literally hundreds and hundreds of shoes, there aren’t many pairs of shoes out there that will fit. I realized recently that I have the best shot at finding something that fits me if I completely ignore price. This background is to explain how I got to this point:

We were at store number 8 or so (Neiman Marcus) and I couldn’t find any shoes in my size that would go with business clothes to even try on. I picked up a sandal at random to show my husband, telling him that in addition to white, THIS color would be ok too, when I noticed the price: $495 on sale. He started saying how that was outrageous (and I agree) and that he would never pay that much for a pair of shoes, unless they were going to last him 20 years. I actually paused and said, well, I don’t know, I might pay that much if I had the extra money and they fit AND looked good.

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That’s exactly how people lose perspective: perceived scarcity and/or value for the money. To me a pair of shoes that actually fits is worth quite a bit, so much so that I didn’t completely rule out a $495 pair of shoes out of hand. In reality, it would probably be cheaper for me to find a cobbler somewhere in the world to hand make me a pair of shoes.

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