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Do you buy things every day?

Do you buy things every day?

It seems like I buy something pretty much every day. So much so that I was thrilled to notice that I didn’t buy a single thing one day this week. Yes, I’ve been making a huge effort to be aware of how much I’m spending on what, but somehow it didn’t occur to me to think on a regular basis about whether or not I spend, period. Buying things just seems to be such a way of life that we take it for granted. After all, there’s gas, lunch & dinners out, snacks, stops at the grocery store, books now and then, etc. Consumerism is so much a part of our lives that just being aware of it may be the first step in making sure that our money (and lives) go where we want them to.

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  • Is being aware of how often one spends as important as how much, even if you’re keeping to a budget? That’s good food for thought.

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