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Done with taxes…or am I?

Done with taxes…or am I?

I restrained myself from talking about taxes on the 15th, but now I have to share. Yes, I am one of those people who waits until the last minute to do my taxes. Normally this is because I can’t do them early, since I have to wait for a K-1 that doesn’t usually arrive much before the 15th (if then).

But this year the form arrived early, and I still didn’t do our taxes as quickly as I could have. Why? Because I owed. I was dreading finding out how much, so I procrastinated. A lot. But I still had them all done and ready to go a tiny bit early.

So what did I get in the mail on the 14th? An amended brokerage account statement, which meant that I needed to redo our federal taxes (which I hadn’t yet e-filed) to account for the amended statement!

The result was that our taxable income went down by $6. Six dollars! For that I needed to redo things? The state ones were already ready to go, so we just mailed those anyway. I will file amended returns for those if need be, but I’m not doing it this week. Ugh.

Ok, enough whining. Hope your tax day experience went better! Here’s a little non-tax related reading from the previous week:

My Two Dollars asks how do you know when you have enough? (I love questions — and posts — like that.)

Squawkfox gets into a car accident and manages to turn it into a positive by providing a list of 14 things to do before & after a car accident.

Poorer Than You explains how to file the FAFSA without your parents’ information.

Broke Piggy, a personal finance web site geared to teens, debuted this week. I’ll have to have my son check it out and see what he thinks.

Four Pillars was busy on Easter Sunday making some really cool frugal decorative Easter eggs. They look so cool that I may have to try those even though Easter is past.

Finally, MoneyNing takes a real look at home equity abuse in the nation.

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