Estate planning has really been on my mind lately, what with some things that have been going on with relatives over the past few months.

It’s been hard.

Death, dying, and what you’d like done or not done if you’re in really bad shape are the kinds of thing that no one really wants to talk about.

But, it’s important to do so anyway. It’s not morbid or tempting fate. It’s common sense.

Otherwise, how will your loved ones know what you’d prefer? Not knowing can be agonizing.

Especially if it’s not clear what someone’s wishes might be in the event that you have to make health care decisions for them.

So in addition to some frank discussions, I made some progress on revising my estate planning documents. It turns out that it will actually be easier and cleaner in my case to just completely redo them.

The new documents are underway now, and hopefully that’ll be that, for a long long time to come.