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Eyes on the Prize: 10 Ways to Make Sure You Aren’t Getting Ripped off When Buying a New Car

Eyes on the Prize: 10 Ways to Make Sure You Aren’t Getting Ripped off When Buying a New Car

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You have made that decision to treat yourself with a new car but you are aware of the various way people get scammed in the automobile industry.So you are wondering what to do to ensure you get the best deal without getting ripped off. If that is the case, here are some pointers you need to consider to ensure you get the best deal at an affordable rate.

1. Shops for Brands That are Less Popular

When you are looking to buy a new car, make sure you look for brands that are not very popular. In most cases, popular brands command higher prices with functionalities which you can easily get from the less popular automobiles. Also, you need to familiarize yourself with every segment model and you’ll most likely find an excellent car for a relatively lower price compared to the big-selling brands.

2. Examine the Car Closely

Although the car is new, make sure you take a closer look at it to ensure it has all the features it says it does. Find out if it is actually new as stated and make sure there are no signs of repairs or paint job on it which show that the car has been used. Also, check for signs of dust in the engine section and air filter as this could signify a car that has already been used.

3. Get Your Financing in Advance

Many individuals prefer the relative convenience associated with dealer financing, but this may not necessarily be a good idea. First, the dealers may raise the cost over the loan’s term making your final purchase even more expensive. Second, depending on the dealer for financing transfers your bargaining power from yourself to the dealer. Therefore, it’s more advisable to apply for financing at your bank or any other non-dealer source to avoid these kinds of intricacies when buying a new car.

4. Avoid the Monthly Game

Do not fall into the trap of monthly payments. Dealers can easily manipulate numbers to reach their targets. The result of this will be the payment for an automobile at a rate that is above its market value. Before you can head to a dealership, it’s imperative to know what your budget for the month is, then you can work from there. Other factors to have in mind include the interest rates as well as the local tax title.

5. What do you want?

Sometimes, people overspend on a vehicle, and this usually has nothing to do with the tricks of the dealer. To avoid this problem, look into your budget and assess your wants, needs, and lifestyle, then match that with the car you want. For instance, if you have two children in need of car seats, there’s no need of getting an SUV to showcase your masculinity,Instead, you can go for a minivan.

Make sure you make your choices carefully. Do you actually require a navigation package if you already have a smartphone? If you own a smartphone,then you don’t need to spend additional cash on such a feature. In some automobile, such features are, of course, necessary, and that is why you’ll need to take the car for a test drive.

6. Get a Negotiator

“A person who represents themselves in court has a fool for a client.” This adage has never been any truer especially when it comes to buying a car. Unless you believe yourself to be a hard-nosed negotiator, NEVER enter a dealership alone. Get a trusted family member or friend, step back, and let them handle the situation. Dealerships are usually designed to weaken your bargaining power, so do not underestimate what you are getting into when entering a dealership.

7. Befriend a Technician

Do you know what vehicle you want? If yes, then have the automobile inspected by a professional mechanic. Sometimes, not all vehicles are in good condition when they are new. It is vital that a technician assesses the car for the efficiency of the engine as well as the conditions of its parts. Invest a better part of the day and take the car to an assessment by a third party so as not to negate all the precautions you have taken so far.

8. Take a Test Drive

Once you’ve had your car assessed, it is imperative to take it fora test drive. To do that, it is important to make sure you are insured. If you already have an insurance for your other car, find out whether or not your insurance organization can allow you to drive another car. If you lack insurance, a private seller or trader’s insurance could cover you, but you’ll have to ask them first.

9. Leverage the ‘Nuclear’ Option

If you sense some red flags in your deal, don’t hesitate to get up and leave. Remember that the salesperson, his supervisor, and the company need your money more than you need the car. There are numerous auto shops out there,so walk down to the next dealer and negotiate a deal. The dealership is aware of the possibility of you leaving so they will try everything to make sure you don’t move on to the next dealer. However, as the buyer, you have immense power and walking out of the dealership in an excellent demonstration of it especially when you already have the cash for down payment and an already approved financing. Use that as a tool to get yourself a deal that is worthwhile.

10. Keep Your Emotions in Check

When purchasing an automobile, do not get all emotional. Never forget that you are about to enter a business deal, so you need to be as sober as you can be. Your emotions have a tremendous potential of adding money into the bank of the seller, so get your mind in order and focus on getting a suitable deal.

Final Word

The above are some of the essential pointers to have in mind when buying a car to avoid being ripped off. It’s all basic information, but you really need to take the necessary precautions to ensure you are getting a suitable deal. For more car buying strategies, visit

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