Finally! Easy to use farm loan calculators!

The variety of calculators I’ve listed below should cover the needs of your farm and/or ranch operation. My family farms and these calculators do everything we need. A big bonus to using these is they enable us to get our work done quickly so we can get back outside doing the work we really love. Sitting in an office all day just isn’t for us. I realize I’m writing quite a lot right now. It rained 2 inches yesterday and we grow corn and soybeans. It’s planting season so it’s too wet to be in the field. So here I am typing for you all. :) Anyway, here are your loan calculators. A big thanks to the folks at AgChoice and Farm Credit for designing these easy, free, simple farm loan calculators.


farm loan calculator


Use this Payment Frequency Calculator to determine your payments at different frequencies: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. payments. Use it to figure out what payment plan works best for you.

Use this Amortizing Loan Calculator or this one if you want to either:

  • Find your desired payment
  • Calculate your monthly payment. You can see your projected total payments to make and total interest paid.

Use this ‘Enhanced’ Farm Loan Calculator to play around with a variety of different loan options.

Use this calculator to look at Farm Loan and Credit Line Payments

Use this fantastic calculator as a farm loan comparison calculator. Add up monthly payments, fees, and other costs associated with different loan types. You can compare loans side-by-side. Life doesn’t get much better than this.

ag loan calculator

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Do you want a really, really simple farm loan calculator?

Use this one. It cuts straight to the point and even looks nice.

Final tips about using an online farm loan calculator

Luckily, these calculators don’t require fast or reliable internet. If your internet crashes during your computing, you can still work. Mine has crashed twice already this morning. Living in rural Nebraska has its perks but reliable high-speed internet definitely isn’t one of them! If you have any questions about using any of these calculators, let me know in the comments below. I’ll answer them! Just bear with me as my internet tends to go offline sometimes! :) That, or maybe the ground has dried up and I’m out planting. :)