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Finding additional places to save

Finding additional places to save

I’ve been staring at my spending plan recently, trying to decide where else I can cut back so that I can continue to meet my savings goals. I’ve already cut back in all of the areas that are “easy” for me, leaving ones that I’m reluctant or just plain unwilling to touch. For example, we’re not getting rid of our internet connection except as a last resort, but we did switch to a cheaper plan offers the exact same service. It seems like there is a common theme to the responses given when people ask where they can cut back. (Cable TV, internet, phones, & groceries being the top 4 that immediately come to mind.) But we spend very little on those things already. What are some additional places to save that you’ve found? Maybe non-typical things?

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  • Some random ideas – contacting your utilities provider to see if they have some savings based on using your electricity during off-peak hours or calling around to see if you can get a better deal on car and home insurance.

  • You also can save cash by making your things last longer – clearly, toothpaste is not a big one, but if you can go for a month longer without buying it, it adds up over time. Esp when you try it with shampoo, conditioner, lotions, etc… the savings are great.

    Toiletries are a HUGE expense for me. I’ve ended up cutting out conditioner completely and doing a 2-in-1 instead, with cheaper $1 shampoo substituted as a body wash… I also don’t buy shaving cream – I use the cheap $1 shampoo for that too. I also buy more generic products in shampoos etc… and deodorants. Or clip coupons for it.

    You already have: TV, Phone, Groceries, Internet

    But how about cellphones? Pick one or the other.
    How about your telephone long distance plan? Consider getting a card instead, or using your company’s long distance card (we use mine, and it is DIRT cheap to call across North America), versus using our cellphones

    How about Eating out? That isn’t part of Groceries, but considering clipping coupons for that?

    Gifts? Going to weddings and other such events.. is expensive. Unless it’s someone close to you that you love, I don’t see the point in showing up for the sake of showing up…. And consider a cheaper gift instead of trying to outdo your friends in buying them a lavish teapot they will probably return.

    Bringing lunches to work… I found that saved a ton of money for me. I also bring cereal as a snack to work.. :) Works out great, keeps me away from the work pastries (yes. big boxes of them every day), and satisfies my sweet tooth

    Even saving on utilities – turning off lights when not using them, turning off taps while brushing your teeth.. they all add up.

    Or air conditioning less, heating less..

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