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Finding The Best Hotel Rates

Finding The Best Hotel Rates

To compare prices on hotels, there are several methods you can use. You can call the hotels themselves, use a travel agent, or use the internet. I’ve found that the best way to choose a hotel is to use a combination of these methods. This also makes it easy to keep my personal preferences and budget in mind.

For example, first, you should decide what you hope to get out of the hotel. Do you want a place to be pampered with room service & a spa? Or would you be fine with any old bed, since you won’t be there much anyway? What about location? Do you want to be in the heart of a city, near the airport, near major attractions, or out in the country? (If you’re willing to be further away from prime locations, prices are generally less.) Finally, what time of year will you be going? Are your dates flexible? Do you belong to any organizations that might give you a discount? All of these factors play a role in the price you’ll pay.

Once you’ve decided what you need and want, begin searching the internet to get an idea of the price ranges available. You can use major travel sites such as Travelocity or Expedia for this. You may be able to save your searches on sites like that for future reference, so take advantage of that service if it is offered. Once you’ve narrowed it down to 5-6, call the hotel at 1-800 numbers and ask about availability and discounts. You may be able to get discounts through your work, the military, or groups that you belong to such as AAA. Once you get a price quote from the 800 lines, you can sometimes call the hotel directly (using their non-800 numbers) and ask about additional discounts they may have. If you’re very flexible, you may be able to use a site like

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Finally, don’t overlook your travel agent. He or she may be able to get you better deals than you could find on your own (we got a good deal on a stay in Hawaii this way) but you won’t know it’s a good deal until you’ve done your research. In my experience, this seems especially true for summers and fixed dates.

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