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Following directions is not my forté

Following directions is not my forté

Which is why I liked this money-saving idea from “patooi” on the simple living forums:

Especially when cooking, you can easily shave off a Tbsp or two of butter, up tp 1/4 cup of sugar or oil. When eating or serving, put back a little for tomorrow’s lunch (as long as you are not going to waste it).

It seems like all the food manufacturers are doing this and there are so many ways to shave a little off the top in the kitchen and you will stretch your food dollars without affecting your taste.

I rarely use exact measurements anyway when cooking, and I don’t think it’s ever really affected the taste of the things I’ve made. I just guesstimate when I “measure”, but now I might experiment with guesstimating a little on the low side. Why not save a few ingredients and a few bucks painlessly?




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