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Frugality is a habit

Frugality is a habit

Frugality is a habit just like any other. Habits are powerful things. If you make sure to get into good habits, they can change your life for the better, a little bit at a time.

Some examples of frugal habits that I use without thinking about them are:

  • Using half the recommended amount of laundry detergent
  • Washing a few large loads on the weekends (to use less water and a cheaper time of use) instead of several smaller loads
  • Using half a dryer sheet instead of a whole one
  • Making sure the dishwasher is full before running it
  • Using only a small amount of dish detergent instead of the recommended amount
  • Using a mop, vinegar & water instead of the hateful-smelling Swiffer
  • Turning worn-out clothes into rags, which can then be used instead of paper towels
  • Combining errands into one circular trip

What habits do you have that are frugal?

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  • I no longer use disposable items (paper towels, disposable razors, trendy toxic cleaning supplies, etc.). It’s amazing how those little suckers can add up. Better for my wallet and the environment. It’s also made me less of a mindless drone when going about my daily activities. Strange how “convenience” often leads to shutting the ol’ brain off!

  • I wash and reuse plastic sandwich baggies. I’m also trying to use less paper towels but my husband HATES washcloths, so it’s a slow process… :)

  • There is at least one load of lanudry left in the detergent jug when it is “empty”. A couple cups hot water sloshed arounf and dumped into the washer will get it out of there.

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