We have been harvesting snap peas over the last few weeks, and it looks like there are still more to come. (There are plenty ripening on the plants now, and new blooms as well.) It’s really gratifying to be able to grow food we can eat. (As a former black thumb, I can’t help marveling at that.)

Peas are the only thing in progress right now though. Two plants grew, out of an initial 10-12 seeds. I thinned out a couple of the plants, but most of the rest just plain didn’t sprout. That was a good thing though, since two that did grow are really all we have space for! They are making their way up and over the chicken wire in their little section of the garden.

I will be planting corn and tomatoes soon. (In fact I might get that done this weekend. It seems warmer than usual here, so I hope I’m not too late.) In the fall we intend to build at least one more 4 ft x 4 ft box garden, maybe two more. We also intend to plant some snap peas in a (hopefully permanent) home near our fence, because an acquaintance told my husband that he had a large number of them that grew and produced three times a year for four years before he dug them out. That would be very cool if we could get the same results.

The garden isn’t really saving us much money (if any!), but the food is just so much better that it’s very worth it. Plus I enjoy watering it and watching it grow.