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Getting Past the Intimidation Factor

Getting Past the Intimidation Factor

Sometimes all that’s stopping us from doing something that will help us earn more money, save money, or invest is that we’re intimidated.

I say it’s “all” that’s stopping us, but if you’re like me you know that being intimidated can loom into something large and scary if you let it grow. And it’s natural to be at least a little afraid of the unknown.

So how do you get past the intimidation factor?

Use past experience as a guide. Every single one of us has learned something new at one point or another and been successful at it. Everyone reading this right now knows how to read, for example, which is actually a pretty complicated thing. Remember how great it felt when the marks on the page morphed into words that you understood?

So think back on something that you’ve been successful at in the past. Think about how you felt before it, and how good you felt afterward. Whatever you’re about to try now will likely feel the same way once you’ve done it.

If you still feel intimidated, start small. Maybe start off by learning a little bit about the subject, taking a class on it, or meeting with someone that has done it before.

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If you’re looking to learn to invest, get a raise, find the best savings account out there, or get out of debt, there are all kinds of resources out there that Google will bring up. Read from multiple sources to get an idea of where the general consensus is about the best methods.

Then take the next step by actually doing a little of what you want to do. Even if you don’t get it quite right immediately, you’ll have taken a step in the right direction, and you’ll have demystified the experience a little.

Jump in and give it a try.

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  • Great advice – I’ve learned to teach myself to embrace things that I am intimidated by. Of course, it doesn’t change the fact that I stress about going into it, but I know that if I can conquer the situation, then I’ll feel ten times better for forcing myself out of my comfort zone.

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